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Sport's Injuries Physiotherapy Rehabilitation & Screening Services in Sheffield & Chesterfield

Welcome to Seven Hills Physiotherapy. We are specialist physiotherapy providers of rehabilitation following sport's injuries. However, we would prefer not to hear of you being injured in the first place. Therefore, we have developed a robust injury screening service to provide you with information and advice on how you can lower the risk of injury occurring to your body.


Injury Screening

Our physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport's injuries field. There is currently a big drive in the world of sport's injuries for physiotherapists to invest time in strategies that prevent injury. We have developed a screening service to provide information of where and how your body is vulnerable to injury and what needs to be done to significantly reduce the chances of it becoming injured in the first place. Each screening assessment will take at least an hour and covers the following;

  • Education on Sport's Injuries


  • A full health assessment (current health, past medical history, injury history, current sporting requirements and history) 


  • A comprehensive physical examination (spinal, lower limb and upper limb flexibility, strength and control, nerve mobility, proprioception (balance) and plyometrics)


  • Discussion of your intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors.


  • A full rehabilitation and management plan to resolve the modifiable risk factors and manage the non-modifiable risk factors.


  • You are provided with a full written report covering the above points in detail to enable you to fully understand our findings and therefore be able to make the necessary changes to reduce injury.


Injury Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, the demands of sport place stress on the tissues of your body. If this stress becomes greater than the tensile strength of the tissue, damage will occur and you will become injured.

Following injury the damaged tissue must always go through the normal biological process of healing. This must not be underestimated as it is essential to avoid re-injury. The role of physiotherapy is to guide you through this process to enable you to return to your chosen sport as quickly as possible and to reduce the chances of you injuring that tissue again. Our experienced physiotherapists have a long history of working with sports injuries at all levels of sport, with people of all ages. How do we work to help you?

  • Diagnosing: We are proficient at diagnosing orthopaedic complaints such as torn ligaments, muscles and cartilage so you can feel confident visiting us for your initial diagnosis.


  • Guidance: It is important you understand the importance of the natural healing process. We provide detailed information on what is happening to your injured tissue at each stage of the process.


  • Rehabilitation: A combination of exercise with hands-on therapy and other adjuncts such as sports taping to help your body to recover and prepare you for a return to sport.


  • Teamwork: The main people in the team are you and your therapist. However, we may occassionally need some help. We have robust relationships with orthopaedic teams so if you require further investigations or your case appears to require surgery we can arrange for you to see an orthopaedic surgeon.


  • Goals: Our goals are your goals. You tell us where we're heading and we will do the right things to help you get there. This is usually to return to sport as quickly as possible.


Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or would like to book an appointment.

Seven Hills Physiotherapy, Eckington

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