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Do parts of your body cause you pain, ache, feel stiff, or seem weak or unstable?

Do parts of your body cause you pins and needles, tingling, burning, or feel numb?

Do any of these complaints prevent your body from moving or working how it should?

Do any of these complaints disturb your sleep or make it difficult to relax?

Do any of these complaints or loss of movement in your body mean there are things in your life that you struggle to do or can’t do at present?

Do you feel your life would be more comfortable and enjoyable if somebody could help you with these complaints?

If you answered YES to any, or all, of these questions then the Seven Hills Physiotherapy team are here to help. We will take great interest in listening to YOUR problems so we can find out how YOU would like us to help YOU lead a more comfortable and enjoyable life.


Frequently asked questions about our private physiotherapy services in Sheffield

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about our private Sheffield physiotherapy clinic. If you click on a green question you will be greeted with an answer. We expect you will find the information you are looking for but if you find you still have unanswered queries then please feel welcome to contact us at any time.

1) I can't find a comprehensive list of conditions you treat, so how do I know if you can help my problem?

We don’t publish a comprehensive list of conditions we treat for two reasons. The first reason being, there are thousands of medical conditions so to name even a fraction of them would be challenging. Secondly, and most importantly, treating a medical condition is impersonal. We treat you as a person as you are much more than a medical condition from a list. To use an example, treating a tennis elbow wouldn’t tell us much about you as a person, how this affects your life and how we are going to work towards solving your problem. However, if you are thinking of conditions such as back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow or sciatica then all these and many more fall into our speciality. If you are still unsure then please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or by submitting the form on our contact page and we will happily answer your queries.


2) Will my physiotherapist be fully qualified and registered?

All physiotherapists working at Seven Hills Physiotherapy, Sheffield hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy ensuring they are fully qualified to practice. All our staff are Chartered Physiotherapists and are therefore fully insured by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to ensure your safety. All our physiotherapists at the clinic have at least ten years of post-graduate experience and have gained further post-graduate qualifications to enhance their knowledge and skills. Every physiotherapist is state registered under the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


3) Do I need a doctor's referral before making an appointment?

In most cases the answer to this question is no. If you elect to pay privately then a doctor’s referral is not necessary. You may require a doctors referral if you are planning on recovering the cost of treatment through your private medical insurance company or a private health scheme such as Westfield Health. In this situation we strongly advise you to contact your insurance company prior to attending physiotherapy so they can advise you appropriately.


4) Can physiotherapy help my problem?

The team at Seven Hills Physiotherapy have learned from experience that the answer to this question is yes in the majority of cases. Whether your problems started after an injury, after surgery, or have just developed out of nowhere then there is a good chance physiotherapy can help you. If you are still unsure then contact us by telephone, email or by our online contact form and we will happily advise you.


5) What happens if physiotherapy can't help my problem?

All our staff are experienced clinicians. This experience has taught us to recognise how much we are able to help you. This is called a prognosis or forecast. At the end of your first session we will discuss your likely prognosis with you. We feel this is important as you can make an informed decision as to whether you would like to continue with physiotherapy. We enjoy good relationships with local General Practitioners. Therefore, we can make recommendations for your doctor if we feel you would be better treated by a different profession or if we feel you require further medical investigations (x-ray, MRI, blood tests etc.) Some cases are also more suited to general exercise and conditioning so we have links with health centres in the community.


6) How often do I need to come?

This will be discussed at the end of your initial assessment and is related to your prognosis or forecast. You will not be advised to come for any longer than you need. We are happy to advise you at the end of each session about the work that still needs to be done (if any) but you will know how close you are to the goals set at the initial assessment so ultimately you will know if you need to come again.


7) Can I use my private medical insurance?

Yes. Please notify us if you intend to use your medical insurance to cover the cost of physiotherapy. We are a recognised provider for the majority of the main insurers but please check whether we are recognised by your insurer. We recommend you contact your insurance company before starting treatment to enquire;

  • Whether a doctor’s referral is required.
  • Whether you are liable to pay an excess.
  • Whether there is any restriction on the number of treatments allowed.
  • Whether there is any limit on the amount that can be claimed.


8) How can I pay for treatment?

We accept cash, cheques and BACS payments at present. If you are covering the cost of treatment with private medical insurance we may be able to invoice your insurers directly.


9) Can I cancel an appointment if I am unable to attend?

Of course you can. We understand life isn’t always predictable and things pop up unannounced. However, we ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice so somebody else can use your appointment. Unfortunately, failure to give sufficient notice may incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment cost. Failure to attend without notification will incur the full cost of the appointment.


10) Can I park at the clinic?

We have free car parking at the front of the clinic. In the unlikely event there are no free spaces there is free parking in the car park across the road at the Eckington Swimming Pool.


11) Does public transport run close by?

Yes. We are located less than a five minutes’ walk from the main Eckington bus station. The station is served by Stagecoach Chesterfield (70/70A, 50/50A) and TM Travel (53/53A, 252, 253, 254). Seven Hills Physiotherapy is perfectly situated to serve Eckington, Marsh Lane, Mosborough, Renishaw, Killamarsh, Spinkhill, Halfway, Mastin Moor, Staveley, Old Whittington, New Whittington, Whittington Moor, Barlborough, Clowne, Bolsover and Chesterfield, as well as further afield.
Please click on the link below to see the most up to date bus timetables for your area.

When leaving the bus you will see a path leading straight to the village. This path is located between stands 2 and 3. Continue down the path towards Eckington village. At the end of the path Peak Pharmacy will be on your right and you will see the Royal Hotel straight ahead. Turn right at the pharmacy and head up the hill. Cross the road so you are on the same side as the Eckington Civic Centre. Follow the path as it sweeps left. You will see Eckington Business Centre II on your right less than 50 metres away.

Seven Hills Physiotherapy, Eckington

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