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Do parts of your body cause you pain, ache, feel stiff, or seem weak or unstable?

Do parts of your body cause you pins and needles, tingling, burning, or feel numb?

Do any of these complaints prevent your body from moving or working how it should?

Do any of these complaints disturb your sleep or make it difficult to relax?

Do any of these complaints or loss of movement in your body mean there are things in your life that you struggle to do or can’t do at present?

Do you feel your life would be more comfortable and enjoyable if somebody could help you with these complaints?

If you answered YES to any, or all, of these questions then the Seven Hills Physiotherapy team are here to help. We will take great interest in listening to YOUR problems so we can find out how YOU would like us to help YOU lead a more comfortable and enjoyable life.


Learn about how people like you are now living a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

"I only wish I'd done it before"

I'd been visiting a chiropractor for about 6 months for back problems and getting nowhere. I was referred for an ergonomic desk assessment and Nick came to do it. That's how I got to know him and decided to try physio instead.

Brilliant! After stopping the chiropractic treatment after months and trying physio, I was improving after 3 weeks! The difference is amazing and I have now stopped seeing Nick and will only go back if I need to. The appointment system was easy and flexible, reasonable prices and a comfortable atmosphere. I only wish I'd done it before spending all that money on chiropractic treatment!!

Sam, Chesterfield


Would recommend to anyone needing physio! Great guy as well!!!!

I had key hole surgery on my shoulder in October 2015 and came to Stefan for the rehab and building the muscles back up. 

Stefan was brilliant! He was really knowledgable and has helped me get 95% movement back! Stefan gave me other exercises to do at home which helped speed recovery! Always felt better after an appointment! Would recommend to anyone needing physio! Great guy as well!!!!!

Monique, Derbyshire


Excellent service

Stefan took the time to clearly explain the source of my pain and the treatment and exercises have helped greatly to resolve my neck/shoulder issues. Excellent service - caring, professional and humorous at times! I would highly recommend Seven Hills Physiotherapy.

Helen, Eckington


Great Physio

I attended Seven Hills Physiotherapy post a complex hip operation and I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. The communication was great and it was very easy to make an appointment. I was given a comprehensive list of exercises to do at home after each session which were tailored exactly to my needs. I had excellent feedback and support and would recommend to anyone wanting a quality service.

Sarah, Sheffield


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Seven Hills Physiotherapy, Eckington

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